Roughly defined, the Eastern Cape is the part of South Africa which lies east of the 30 degree east line of longitude and south of the 30 degree 30 minute line of latitude.

The climate is mild with temperatures seldom below freezing and, except for the interior, seldom rising above 35 degrees Celsius. The southern coast and its immediate interior forms part of the winter rainfall region of South Africa; the rest of the region receives its rain mainly in summer.

The main towns in the region are Port Elizabeth and East London, both coastal, and Graaff-Reinet, Cradock and Queenstown in the interior. Roads between these and other larger towns are tarred. Most of the minor roads are gravel surfaced.

Stretching from Cape Receife in the east to Cape St Francis further west, Jeffreys Bay lies like a jewel midway between the Gamtoos and Kromme Rivers and the two estuaries of the Kabeljous and Seekoei Rivers.

Graduating to municipal status in 1968, it has since developed and blossomed into the delightful holiday and retirement centre it is today. It now includes Aston Bay, Kabeljous and Paradise Beach.

Aston Bay is situated about  5 km south of Jeffreys Bay just off the N2 highway. It is approximately 1 hour's drive from here to Port Elizabeth on the N2.

Below are a few maps that will help you find your way to Aston Bay, one of the most attractive holiday resorts to be found along the beaches of South Africa


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Koega showing
Aston Bay

Aston Bay on
Seekoei River

Aston Bay

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