On the adjacent premises to Eden@Astonbay you can view on appointment a fair sized mineral and micromount selection of S A minerals and crystals.

Southern Africa is known for its rich mineral heritage and therefore also its magnificent crystals. As museum and even thumbnail specimens are becoming to expensive for ordinary hobbyists, Micro Minerals and Micromounts are fast becoming the only viable option for enthusiasts.

I am personally very blessed to have a dear friend and rockhound pal by the name of Wolf Windish. Wolf is one of the most knowledgeable micromounters and photographers of micro minerals and also has the most extensive collections of micomounted minerals and photos of Southern African minerals in the world. So what better partner to have in this project to give people all over the world an oppurtunity to share in this magic!


More info to follow soon.

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For more breathtakingly beautiful pictures of SA Crystals see our photo gallery

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