Aston Bay and surroundings boast some 15km of South Africa's widest, most beautiful beaches. Stretching from Cape Receife in the east to Cape St Francis further west, Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay lie like  jewels midway between the Gamtoos and Kromme Rivers and the two estuaries of the Kabeljous and Seekoei Rivers.

These beaches also have an abundance of shells, and are known for good angling. Fishing in the area produces Kob, Leerfish (Garrick), Grunter, white Steenbras, Blackmail, Musselcracker, Baardman, red Steenbras, Poenskop, Roman, Dageraad, elf, sharks and rays.

Apart from surfing, the area is ideal for scuba diving  with 12 to 23m deep reefs with 5-15m visibility.

Jeffreys Bay is world-renowned for its surfing spots. Many who take to the breaks consider Jeffreys Bay the world's premier surfing spot.  The waves here can get large (up to 10 - 12 feet). They are very fast, and as the name suggests, getting tubed is the name of the game. The swell usually runs in the winter months. Having surfed Supers when it’s working, you will be stoked for years.

There are many different surf breaks, each possessing its own magic. Surfing spots include Kitchen Window, Tubes, Super Tubes, Point and Albatross

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